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Our History


Newell and Sons is a family owned company that has been offering low-cost yet high-performing janitorial supplies in the East coast states since 1967. Beginning with broom manufacturing in 1919, the company has become the household name when it comes to brooms, mops, brushes, and other janitorial supplies. Aside from being in the industry for a long time, we are also committed to helping the planet so we use reclaimed materials. 

About Our Company

What makes Newell and Sons your best choice for janitorial supplies? 

The answer is simple....we have experience! For over 30 years, Newell and Sons has teamed up with its sister company, Roxboro Broom Works, to become one of the leading manufacturers of mops and brooms in the country. The first Newell broom came off the production line in 1920, and was later followed by the first Newell mop in 1975. Since then, our companies have believed that dedication is the key to producing quality products.


Both our mop and broom factories are located in Roxboro, North Carolina, and have been run by the Newell family for three generations. Our company prides itself in being one of the oldest family businesses in our state that is still up and running today. We guarantee that our years of experience and vast product knowledge will be evident in the items that you purchase.